My D.I.Y. Valentine


I put you on a pedestal, Or rather up a ladder

My Valentine, my Handy Man, I couldn’t have been gladder.

But as the years come and go although you’re still appealing

I wish you’d get your finger out and finish off the ceiling.

The plaster’s old (like us) and cracked, the paint had started peeling

And now you’ve put the coving up you say it still needs sealing.

You’ll have to fill in all the cracks, apply two coats of paint

An undercoat and overcoat the chance seems somewhat faint

You’ll get it done by Friday or even by next year.

But could you try to finish it  while we are both still here!


A lament from the wife of a D.I.Y. expert who is careful, enthusiastic and thorough – but oh so very, very slow!