New Year

New Year Resolutions

So why do we make them?
We’re certain to break them,
They are one of our worst institutions.
My New Year’s plea
 and I think you’ll agree

Is to ban all New Year Resolutions.



So I wrote a year ago and I still feel more or less the same. There’s no real reason why a new year should be connected with promises to do all sorts of things that are good for you: giving up smoking; losing weight; exercising more; being kind to your elderly mum or dad – if you’ve got them; doing more for other people; helping in charity shops or the like. The list is (almost) endless.

But there’s no real reason why it should be connected with January 1st. You can just as easily start a diet or give up cigarettes on 14th June or 29th October. But there we are and once again I start thinking about what I want to improve in 2016.

I want to write more. OK. Shall I try for a blog a day? Not very likely to keep at it, certainly not after the end of January – even if I manage that long!

There’s also the nagging thought that brilliant pieces scattered randomly in my blog aren’t really acceptable for comp entries as “unpublished” stories/poems/articles. Stuck. Up against a brick wall.

Probably the best way is to try to write: 
1. Something every day – however short or however silly
. 2. Blog entry at least twice a week – using Daily prompt if necessary
 3. One larger project – story/play/new poem each month
 4. say, half a dozen fillers/letters/bits and bobs each month

Might not achieve this but at least I have set a few goals,












A Good Read

On the Edge

When things are getting me down I take refuge in books, Others find solace in music or booze or drugs – for me it is a good read. I can get away from my current problems, worries and fears and lose myself in a good book.  Thinking about it, it doesn’t even have to be a particularly good book. Sometimes I just pick up something I’ve read many times, open it at random and READ. It works. Temporary forgetfulness and I when I put my book down, my problems may not be solved but at least they are

All About Humankind

<a href=””>Worldly Encounters</a>

The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?

Easy. I hand him/her/it my diary – or if the extraterrestrials are IT literate, a link to my blog. What better way to find out about the human race?


The End of Zero to Hero – 30 days to a better blog

Good Resolutions that I’ll try to stick to:

1 At least 1 poem/verse per week – if not one of my own then a quote from somethong that has struck me. (I suppose the usual copyright rules will apply – fair usage and no claiming as mine something the poet laureate wrote! I’ll try to make Wednesday my poetry day. See if it works.CG16D

2 Weekly rant or comment on something in the news, the sort of thing that I might write to the papers about,  Monday? Monday moan? I’ll see how it goes.

As for the rest…well the mini comps that appear on elizabethfrattaroli’s blog – try to enter each month plus at least 1 DP prompt per month.

That’s all, folks.

See how it works out…