New Year – New Blog

I am a poet.
I write, therefore I am.
As a poet I am also, by definition mad. It was the Bard himself who talked about “The lunatic, the lover and the poet” being all very alike, and surely he should know.

I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t read and wasn’t interested in the written word. I was making up stories well before I could write properly and persuaded my long-suffering aunt to act as amanuensis and transcribe my ramblings onto paper.

Some of my poems have won prizes, been published in anthologies – some were even paid for! I’ve a collection of poems called “A Poet Needs a Bicycle” by QQ Press ISBN 1-903203-872 first published 2010.

I also write plays and have had several produced. In 2010 I won a competition for my play Estella at the Grand Theatre Blackpool.

I’m currently trying to write radio plays and beginning to appreciate the difference between these and plays for the stage – e.g. on radio if a character does not speak or isn’t addressed by the other actors the listeners have no way of knowing he is present.

I do various other sorts of writing, anything from short stories, letters to the papers, comments on several web forums – or should that be fora? and general non-fiction articles including reports for my local WI.

My main interests might be said to be the 3 R’s
RIDING – a bike or recently a recumbent trike. I can be seriously boring on the subject of bikes.

I suppose my main reason for embarking on a blog is to express myself and practise my writing skills. I would appreciate comments on not just what I say, but how I say it. I am not afraid of criticism – note I don’t say “constructive criticism” – I can take “that’s rubbish” or “that’s muddled” as long as you tell me why it’s rubbish or muddled.

Possible readers? I really don’t know. Like so many writers, I find readers see things in my work that I never intended and praise parts that I don’t think very good and pass over what I consider are the best bits.

I’m deliberately not including heaps of personal details about where I went to school and what jobs I’ve had. Nor do I want to go on at length about my family. I want my blog persona to be entirely separate from my everyday personality. How about a new name? Yes, I think I’ll be Esmeralda or Esme for blogging purposes.

I haven’t any unique selling point to attract readers. All I can say is that my posts will, I hope be varied, some prose, some rants, some poetry and any other bits and pieces that might be interesting. The main sin, as I see it, in any writing is to bore. Perhaps I am being boring right now – if so I should STOP.