In a Nutshell: A trike-riding poet
plus plays humourous articles some stories

A poetic image of a poet
A poetic image of a poet


Open your eyes
Open your ears
Open your mind
To new ideas.

Open your eyes
To the sounds of speech
Open your ears
To the colour of words.

Open your mouth
Let the words come
Find your own voice
Loosen your tongue.




My play ESTELLA won the Grand Words playwriting competition in 2010 and was produced in the Lawrence House Stuio of the Grand Theatre Blackpool.

I write plays and short sketches and am beginning to appreciate the difference between work written for the stage and for radio. As someone said “on radio the pictures are better”. There is much more to it of course.



For a long time a two-wheel bike had been my choice for gettng around for short and medium distances. It was cheap, convenient and ecologically-friendly. It also helped me keep, if not superfit, then less unfit than I would have been and I didn’t need to fork out for gym membership.

Then a few years ago I developed arthritis and found I had difficulty getting my leg over the crossbar. My sense of balance was deteriorating too. Time to try a trike.

We found a couple of places where you could test ride recumbent trikes and I eventually chose a Hase Kettwiesel from Laid Back Bikes in Edinburgh. I’ve had my Kettwiesel for two years and wouldn’t be without it.

There are many advantages of a recumbent trike. Here are just a few: The riding position is like sitting on a fairly low chair- even I can’t fall off!


➢ Going uphill isn’t a problem, you just go slowly and take a breather if you want to.
➢ Drivers – to my surprise – give me far more clearance on a trike than they ever did when I rode a bike.
➢ I can ride my trike in bad weather or strong winds when I would be blown over on a bike.
➢ A recumbent trike is always a good conversation starter when parked outside the supermarket.
➢ Steering an upright trike is difficult. You have to unlearn the technique of leaning as you corner: on a recumbent trike the steering is more or less intuitive.
➢ My trike can be adapted to take electic assist if I should eventually need it.




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