Water of Life

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Living Water

Water of life, water alive,
Gentle drops fall
Making circles in the lake,
Widening, rippling, stippling the surface
Sinking softly onto soil,
Soaking into earth,
Sending message of renewal,
Regrowth, resurrection.

A gentle baptism of water and spirit,
Cleansing, healing,
Washes away darkness
Sin, disease and decay,
Arousing new hope in all it reaches.


But water can also bring
Deluge of death,
Tsunami shattering
Trees, buildings, lives,
Brings chaos, confusion,
Dead bodies in putrefying piles.

How then can we find consolation
In the Lord’s promise of Living Water?





Open…O, pen…Open

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Open your eyes
Open your ears
Open your mind
To new ideas.
Open your eyes
To the sounds of speech
Open your ears
To the colour of words.

Open the door
Open the box
Take out the key
Undo the locks.
Open your arms
Open your hands
Open your heart
To understand.

Open your mouth
Let the words come
Find your own voice
Loosen your tongue.

Open eyes
tight shut against the light
against the dawn
fear of new sights keeping them closed
brave the brave new world,
take off the bandages,
tear down the shutters
Open the window
pull down the pull-down menu
and choose.



Mountain Bike

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I am a brand new mountain bike
My owner’s pride and joy.
I’ve chunky tyres and umpteen gears,
I am his favourite toy.

I’m bright and clean and shiny,
My owner’s joy and pride,
And every weekend without fail
He takes me for a ride.

He loads me on his Volvo,
Drives forty miles and then
He lifts me down and rides two miles
Then drives back home again.

There’s one thing kinda puzzles me,
The trails we ride are flat
I’ve never even seen a hill.
A mountain? What is that?