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There it was sitting on the doorstep. A huge floral display, the sort of thing you see on the altar at a wedding, as a centrepiece  on the top table as a banquet. Definitely not my kind of thing. I hunted all round it, beside and beneath. No card, nothing to say who it came from. Perhaps the card had blown away? Today was a perfectly still day.

I pondered the possibilities: it wasn’t my birthday or any significant anniversary, I couldn’t have won a writing or any other competition – I hadn’t entered any recently. I couldn’t think of anyone who would send me such a massive display – such a monstrosity.  What on earth could I do with the damn thing? Far too big for my tiny cottage. Perhaps the church would like it? Only problem out village has no less than three churches and bestowing it on any one would offend the others!

The nursing home, perhaps? But how would I transport it there on my bike? I couldn’t just leave it there. could I?

Suddenly I heard a vehicle. A van labelled “Flowers R Us” drew up. The driver leapt out. “Thank goodness, ” he said, “This isn’t Riversdale Hall, is it?

“No, it’s Riversdale Cottage, the Hall is half a mile along the road.

“That idiot of a trainee florist delivered this to the wrong place, didn’t get a signature and didn’t even remember the card.” He waved an elaborate envelope. “This is for the big do up at the Hall, the twenty-first birthday of lady something or other.  I’d have been in real trouble it that – that monstrosity – had gone missing. Thanks for looking after it.”

“No problem.”

Funny how things turn out. The driver insisted on sending me a small posy as a thank-you, though I hadn’t done anything. When he delivered it I offered him a cup of tea, we got talking…and one thing led to another. Next year we’ll be choosing the flowers for our silver wedding.




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I am a poet, therefore I am crazy - see Shakespeare "the lunatic, the lover and the poet..." I also write plays and stories. I ride a recumbent trike, made by ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) with a STEPS electric motor and automatic gears!

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