Facing Down Facebook

I have long felt that Twitter is for Twits – or possibly Twats- and I’m now coming to the conclusion that Facebook is for Fracking Twits. At one time I was thinking of getting myself a Facebook Account, then I looked into it in more detail – as far as I could – and decided it wasn’t for me.

  • Facebook insists on being given you real name and email address.  – compare this with a blog such as WordPress where I can be whoever I like:  Lass from Lancashire, Threewheelergran, Esme, Willamina Shakespeare if I want. I don’t have to proclaim my identity for all to see and reveal my email to scammers, hackers, trolls and other nasty pieces of work.
    I read a recent article about various groups of people objecting to giving their “real” names on Facebook. The objectors included Drag Queens, Native Americans, LGBT people especially those undergoing gender reassignment, and teachers who didn’t want their pupils or the kids’ parents to know all about their private lives. I don’t belong to any of these groups but I can see their point.
  • It’s very difficult, or at least I found it difficult, to get to see a sample Facebook entry without actually taking out an account. I don’t like to sign up for something without full info available. I found a Facebook website which told me in detail about how marvellous Facebook was but not how a non-user can look at a Facebook page. I did eventually find a help screen but all the requests seemed to be people wanting their date of birth removed from the system: it appears this isn’t possible.
  • They seem to ask for (presumably a photocopy of) your passport, your photo driving licence, your bank account details, a recent utility bill etc just to prove you are who you say you are. More “proofs of identity” than you would need to take out a mortgage or open a credit card account.
  • This business of Facebook pages being only available to other Facebook users is my real gripe. I’ve seen umpteen organisations and websites where the viewer is invited to “like us on Facebook”. I might like them if I wasn’t required to like this dodgy organisation Facebook to do so! If I could just look at say Little Wittering Women’s Walking Club and Cake-making Society or Man United FC without having to enroll in this ominous entity called “Facebook.”
  • Facebook is picture-oriented and I am a words rather than a picture person. After an important occasion or event I am more likely to write or read about it than gather a file of pictures. Perhaps it is my age!
  • I’ve had another try to find out about Facebook . I even went to their Help page where there is  place to ask questions. I tried it – No answer. Tried again –  ditto . All I need is a one-word response: Can non-Facebook subscribers look at Facebook Sites? Yes or No. They won’t tell you unless you join Facebook!

I might be losing something by leaving Facebook alone but I am worried by the complex instructions for editing a Facebook page and the thought that I might easily publish something to the world that I had intended only for a select group of my nearest and dearest.


Note: Fracking – I don’t like using asterisks eg f***ing and “fracking” seems a good alternative pseudo-swear word. Fracking is an unpleasant and dangerous activity that currently threatens some areas of Lancashire not far from where I live. Seems appropriate.



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I am a poet, therefore I am crazy - see Shakespeare "the lunatic, the lover and the poet..." I also write plays and stories and do the press reports for my local WI. I ride a recumbent trike, a Hase Kettwiesel - I love it!

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