Like School Dinners, only more so


I’ve been looking at the British Airways web site with a view to a long-haul flight next year. I was astounded at the information available and more so at what was left out.


Perhaps someone who qualifies as a “frequent flier” can contradict me, on reading the details of in-flight meals; i was tempted to bring my own butties! A pity that isn’t allowed. There were splendid pictures of the meals – who needs a picture to show then what a steak or a scone and jam look like? What they didn’t say – and i’m always suspicious of the things left out of an advert – was the timing of the meals and the choice of what you have and when you have it.


In a café I can decide what i eat and when. If I want my breakfast at 4pm or my lunch a 9am I can generally get it – apart from some cafés who stop serving breakfast after mid-morning. I also have a choice of what I eat. From the descriptions on BA’s website it seems the meals are trundled out when the airline stewards decide to serve them. If you don’t want then at these fixed times – tough. Many people nowadays don’t want a big meal in the middle of the day but prefer it in the evening. I don’t think you can get this on BA. I may be wrong. I hope I am.

Some passengers will have travelled on a connecting flight where they may or may not have been fed and may be suffering from jet lag, but there seems no provision for customers to eat when it suits them rather than when it suits the airline. There seems to be no choice on the menu unless you have a “special dietary requirement “ or want Halal or Kosher food. Surely choice is of the essence when you are going on holiday and there should be several different menus available. Given the number of passengers on a long-haul jet and fact that most of the stuff is probably just taken out of its package and shoved in a microwave and the air stewards will have many hours to fill during a long trip adding a bit of variety to the food shouldn’t be too difficult.


As far as I can see, though, the food is served at the time the authority decides, the menu is fixed and the only choice would seem to be between eating or going hungry. Reminds me of school dinners before Jamie Oliver reformed them.




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