Home Again Home Again Hippity Hop

I’ve recently come home again after a 3-day stay in hospital and a major operation.  It’s great to be home! No matter how skilled the hospital staff and how kind the nurses are it’s not the same as being in your own place. Quite minor things build up to big problems when you are in hospital and unable to stir. Just a few activities that I can do as and when I want at home but not in the hospital ward:

  • decide I want  something to eat, it might be as small as a biscuit or chocolate. At homeI can just reach out and get one, or if I can’t reach it then I can call for someone to hand it to me. Even the bossiest patient won’t demand the nurse or doctor stops what they are doing to pass the biscuit tin!
  • read when and what I want As long as I have the desired books/ebooks/magazines within reach I can just read them. In hospital there seemed to be lots of interruptions – people coming to take blood pressure and measure temperature and always, always they wanted to check my name and date of birth – as if it might have changed over the last couple of hours or I might have forgotten who I am!
  • have meals I want when I want them, rather than when the hospital authorities decide to send the food round.
  • sleep in my own bed with all my familiar things around me.





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I am a poet, therefore I am crazy - see Shakespeare "the lunatic, the lover and the poet..." I also write plays and stories and do the press reports for my local WI. I ride a recumbent trike, a Hase Kettwiesel - I love it!

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